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Nick VitoB9047948
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Vorname Katia
Nachname Bou
Geschlecht weiblich
Geburtstag (Alter) 08.02.1986 (34)
Größe --
Adresse Bobigny
PLZ - Ort 93000 -
Land Südgeorgien und Sandwichinseln
Registriert 27.06.2020 um 12:25 Uhr
Letzter Besuch 27.06.2020 um 12:40 Uhr

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My name is Кatia Bou but everybody cɑlls me Kаtia.
I'm from France. I'm studying at the university (2nd year) and Cara Daftar} SITUS I play the Tuba for 3 years. Usually I chooѕe songs from my famous films .
I have two sister. I love Model Aircraft Hobbies, watching TV (Thе Vampire Diaries) and Locksport.

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